Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Little Mishap

While quilting this quilt of my sister Mike's on the long arm in the classy curls pattern, we had a bit of a mishap.  The needle broke and I was far away from the quilt (big no no) and therefore it did some damage.


The machine went on, broken needle and all.  And really tore up the top of the quilt as well

as the back of the quilt.  This happened not once, not twice, but three times on the quilt.  We decided it was because the quilt had many seams and the curl pattern sews the curl and then goes backwards on the curl, making two rows of stitches rather than the common one row.

We decided that covering the problem areas with a circle would  serve as a SAVE both on the front and the back.  We got the circles (freezer paper/spray starch method) made and Mike took them home to hand appliqué while watching tv.

Mike also had these blocks made and she decided to border the blocks to make it less busy.  She got all that done in just a couple days.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Big Shindig

The guy that lives across the street from us had a birthday party this past weekend.  This is Leonardo DiCaprio when he was young and hot with his first girlfriend, a swan.  This was the birthday card on a present my daughter had ready to give to the birthday boy.

Here is the path to the beach that is right next door to me.  There are tiki lights (the pole looking things) and these white balls that are actually led battery operated light globes.  They needed this because the party was at night.

Here is the bar as viewed from my deck.

Here is the dining area all set up (again from my deck)


And here is our gift for supplying a little electricity and space.  These beauties are over 4 feet tall.


They are mostly made up of orchids.  Wow.  They're something alright!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Some Smashing Outfits

The last of my company just left and I thought I would blog, only to open up my download area and realized that I never posted the Saturday blog. So, I shall now show you the comedic couple of Flower Power golfers.


This is at the pre party where Laurel has a 60's style dress on and yes, pleather go go boots.  They were dangerous tho' because she got them caught  coming back into the club and hurt herself a bit.  She's okay.  I nursed her back to health, thanks to a little Tito's.  My dress actually has a peace sign on the front but I didn't turn correctly for you to see it.  That is supposed to be a peace sign I am doing with my less than straight fingers, in case you were wondering.

We decided to go matchy matchy to the actual golfing event.  The head gear came from the dollar store, as did lots of other participants.  I recognized lots of things on ladies outfits that were partially as a result of going to the dollar store.

These two gals, with long flowing red locks and John Lennon glasses are Sue and Regina.  They were the other two of our foursome.   If we could have been in the running of first, second or third place winners we would have been 2nd, we were told by the pro.  As it was, we were not able to win because three out of the four were club members and on guest day, that doesn't count.  Oh well.

We were silly.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Festivities

Our Arizona company just left this morning; they have to get back for a couples bridge game on Monday. We all have our priorities!!!!

The Flower Power guest day was lots of fun. I am in a bit of a hurry this morning so I will just show you some eye candy of some of the things I have been doing in the last month in preparation of

the festivities.

This is the menu card that was on each of the tables for the luncheon itself.    The menu was the following:

Harvey Wallbangers
San Francisco Sour Dough Bread
Wedge Salad with Green Goddess Dressing
Chicken Kiev with Haricot Vert and Wild Rice
Strawberry Jello with Whipping Cream and a Peace Sign Cookie


At the breakfast and registration yesterday morning everyone got a goodie bag with the following:

Granola Bar
Sweet and Salty Snack
Golf Ball, Divot Fixer, Tees
Golf Bag Tag


There were 80 women in attendance and the gift for each was a bohemian flower tervis tumbler.


It took me awhile to wrap them all.

I made a hundred peace sign sugar cookies.

We wrapped each cookie in a bag and secured it with a, what else? a flower!!! Our Arizona couple, Laurel and Gerry helped do the job.


Here is the table setting.  It was lovely.  The table number marker was a picture of a lava lamp.  I am mad that I didn't take a picture of them.  They were very cute and very detailed to make.

More later.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Color Me Nuts

Here is a saga of the cookie. I decided to make peace sign cookies for the Flower Power luncheon that is to be held on this Thursday. I was gonna make around 100 because there are 79 women in the event. I was first gonna frost sugar cookies but I did that with the wedding theme last year, frosting as many pastel hearts. I then switched my focus on another cookie and came up with the dye peace signs.

 I ordered the cutter on line and it came right away; a month early.

It looks a bit odd but that is because it has cutouts and has to be held together on the top.
I looked up tie dye cookies and someone did them using store bought sugar cookie dough and neon colored food coloring.

I went on line to order it via Prime, thinking it wasn't something I had ever seen at the grocery store.  I ordered it at the beginning of last week and yesterday I sat down at the computer to track it and the tracking said it would be delivered by 8 p.m. Wednesday (tomorrow).  That was no good because I am making the cookies today.  So I went to the store and low and behold that had the neon so I bought two and came home, checking the mail box before going into the house

only to find that USPS delivered the neon yesterday.  Now I have three!  Anyway, I got to thinking that you need a lot of dye for concentrated colors and not pastels and I was thinking how to compensate for that extra liquid in the dough.  I went on line and realized that I should be using the

Wilton paste color instead.  So I went to Joann's this morning and bought these.  Oh, I must have left the red in the bag.  Gotta go check on that.

And I haven't even made a cookie yet.

Anybody need some food coloring?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Wrapping It Up (Literally!!)

I turned in all the stuff for 'Flower Power' yesterday to get it out of my house so we could once again use the table.  The events take place on Wednesday evening and Thursday.  All I had left to do was to wrap the gifts and I was waiting for the flowery wrapping paper I ordered from Amazon, which came yesterday.

These four gifts are for the closest to the pin and the longest drive, front and back nine.

These eight gifts are for the second place teams, both front and back.

These are for the third place teams.  I neglected to take a photo of the first place gifts before I took them to the club but the wrapping paper was lovely.

All eighty participants will be getting a gift also.  All the gifts are flower specific.  It was lots of fun to shop with someone elses money!!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Crafty Characters

When the grand gals weren't down on the beach and in the lake, they were at their crafting table in the studio.  The table was originally brought in from the garage when the quilters came but for the last couple years I never removed it; just moved it around because the studio had the room to keep it around.  I inadvertently left some punches and cardstoick out and when the girls saw it, the weekend's fate was sealed.

They were very creative.  Oh, and on Charlotte's wrist is her button bracelet that she and her sister made, with the help of grandma.

I think we have an artist or two to join the family.  They needed very little instruction.  That's a good thing.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

I just kinda forgot about the blog!  Maybe, like other stuff in my life, I need to simplify.  It literally did not cross my mind until last night.  It's gotta mean something, but I am not bright enough to figure it out.

We had a house full for the 4th and lots of them stayed through the weekend until after the parade which was and always is on the 4th itself.

Here are my three favorite 'floats' of the parade.  Everything in this parade is golf cart based.

This is the mad hatter.  It was absolutely adorable.

Being very familiar with Alexa, I found this cart particularly current.

It is not so much that they transformed the cart into an ice cream truck, but the fact that they gave out ice cream sandwiches all along the route.  Usually candy is tossed but this year there were icy's and ice cream to change it up a bit.

These two grandgals were definitely enjoying the spectacle.


And this gal decided that the only peace she was gonna get was inside the grill cover.  That didn't last long; the fireworks were front and center this year.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All Six Are Quilted!

I got the six quilts quilted.  It looks like there are seven but the fourth one down is folded differently than the other quilts.  Now I will finish up my night work of making pillows and take up binding these puppies to complete the job.  They will go to Florida with me in September.

Monday, June 26, 2017

One Down

After the kids left yesterday I decided to tackle the six lap quilts for Florida's lanai by quilting one a day until all my holiday company arrives.

I got the first one quilted and will hopefully complete the second one today so that I stay on schedule.   Then I will have lots of binding to do in the evenings.

The 4th of July is on a Tuesday this year so I have some of the family staying through the weekend until after the parade on Tuesday.  I have to get my thinking cap on to think of food and when to eat what.  I guess that hot dog and french fry lunch (that we do every year) will be on Sunday, as there is a kids party for the grands to go to on Saturday that has a bouncy house, a petting menagerie of various animals and probably lots of food and goodies.  The adult party is at night and we will all probably stop by for a bit.  Hope we have good beach weather!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ah, Those Kids!

The kids came last night, and is per usual, they came bearing gifts.


These speedo clad boys (Brad, Cody, Mitch, Ryan, Chad and Leo, names on the back of the speedo) are wine glass markers.


They just like to hang around.

For all those USB cords all over the house, we were gifted three of these  little miracle circles that can house all the phones, pads, pods and computers that come into the house at any given weekend.

I also got this blush SPF 45 for those times when you need a little more protection from the sun but don't want to slather up.

You can see why I love for the kids to visit!!!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Free Batting For The Taking

I have been going into closets that are rarely opened and getting rid of STUFF that no longer has a place in our family.  It is very liberating.

Of the stuff I want to get rid of, I have three bolts of unopened medium loft polyester batting that I used for baby quilts for the hospital but I no longer do that here and therefore if anyone would like them (oh, they are 48' wide) you are welcome to them.  They are in northwest Indiana so let me know and you can come and get it.

A New Kid In Town

I think this was the first time I didn't even think of the blog since Sunday. Wow, I must be slipping. I have had lots of stuff to entertain me, including a golf for charity yesterday that I didn't do half bad at. We had a little rain this morning and I really didn't want to get out of bed; Bella didn't want to either. The kids are coming up for the weekend so my thoughts are now on food.

I did finish all six quilt tops for Florida. I brought down the batting from the storage room but haven't cut it yet.

We have a little baby fawn living on our property.  I appears to be in good health and therefore


must have been separated from it's mom.  It is positively adorable and just a tiny bit bigger than Bella.  This happened at a neighbors two doors down a couple years ago and all seemed well in the end.  It's amazing how calm and not scared at humans at all.  I hope mom comes and finds the little guy.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Optical Illusion

G's brother just left for home. He has been here since Thursday, playing in an invitational golf tourney with G. The end of the event had a dinner dance, which we went to last night. They had the dinner but no band showed up so, no dance. We were home by nine. We have such a swinging life!!


I just started piecing the fourth quilt top (minus the borders) so you know what I have been doing.  They certainly brighten up the studio.  I am constantly walking away from the sewing machine tho'.
It does get frightfully boring at times to do the same thing.  I am enjoying the process as Jean Ann would say!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Flora Heaven

Bella and I got up this morning, and before the promised rain could hamper our fun, we headed out to our favorite garden shop.  They like to have dogs visit and Bella is always a popular gal.  She noses into fragrant pots of loveliness.  I needed some potting soil, another rosemary plant, some mint and a couple succulents for the back deck steel planter. While looking around I saw lots of stuff that if I had that kind of a garden or back yard, I would buy them all.

As it is. my taste, at my own homes, tends to be minimalist and more contemporary than some of these whimsical things at the garden shop.


If I didn't mind getting soil under my fingernails, (and I don't care what they say, even with any kind of glove, short of surgical gloves, my nails always get dirty!) I would love the job of pairing a plant with a found object or weird container.  This place has lots of cool stuff.


As you can see, these are all from the succulent section.  It appears that Bella is not pulling on her leash in this area, so I am taking advantage of the situation and taking some cool photos.


I would like to see if a bird can get into this house!!!!

This was the last one I saw before Miss B pulled me away and it is my favorite by far.  The stairway to the little gnome house is just too cute.  It would be at my house now if I had a place for it!!!!